Gordon's Piano Shop   Quality Service Since 1947

Our History

After receiving a Masters Degree in music at The College of Pacific in Stockton and fulfilling his part in the war effort of the 1940s, Bob Gordon Sr. landed a job in San Fransisco working for Sherman and Clay Music Company. His duties included building and repairing violins on the 5th floor. Bob played viola with Oakland and San Francisco Symphonies for a few years. He was also a member of a string quartet that practiced every Wednesday night throughout most of his life.

Before and after Bob's working hours he would go to the piano department on the 1st floor to practice tuning pianos. He later was tuning pianos in peoples homes on his day off.  Working out of his home on Manila Ave. in Piedmont Ca Bob began buying used pianos, rebuilt them, and sold or rented them to the families in his neighborhood..

Bob Gordon officially opened his first store at 1776 Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, Ca. in September of 1947. In the 1970s Gordon's Piano Shop moved to El Dorado Street next to the Berkeley Tunnel, then 1124 Solano in Albany, and later to San Pablo Ave.

In 1990 after moving to San Pablo Ave. in Albany, Bob passed Gordon's Piano Shop on to his son Robert Gordon Jr who had been working side by side with his father when he was in grade school. His normal chores included cleaning, repairing and tuning all of the worst pianos in the shop. He was also expected to greet customers, sell pianos and keep the floors and windows clean. Over the years they worked together to improve the business. Robert is continuing the family tradition of exceptional quality and service today.

In the past 10 years Gordon's Piano Shop has closed its retail store and shows pianos by appointment. This has reduced our overhead and provided a larger less expensive working space for piano restorations and storage. We now can better provide home services to our customers during and after business hours. More importantly we can sell pianos for reasonable prices rather than gouging our customers in order to pay for a fancy showroom on a main street. You may find some in art galleries around Benicia.

All pianos sold by Gordon’s Piano shop are guaranteed to stay in good working order. If you have a piano with a Gordon’s Piano Shop sticker on it, or a bill of sale from us, we will perform the necessary repairs to make it playable again for free. This doesn't include tuning, normal wear and tear i.e. worn out hammers and flanges etc. - but we have been known to make exceptions...

If you have a piano that you would like to restore or are shopping for one that will improve your quality of life for you and your family, please contact us for an appointment through E-mail or Telephone. We can find a piano for most every type of home; Large, Small,  Extravagant, Economical, Rare, Common, etc. We also may be interested in your old piano.

We believe that everyone deserves the quality of craftsmanship that we provide.