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About Piano Moving

After moving thousands of pianos we have come to the conclusion that is is usually better to hire professional piano movers, that is to say that hiring regular household movers to move a piano often results in a nice repair job for us.

Piano moving is a specialized skill that requires specific equipment and knowledge, it is not a job for just any mover.

We recommend paying a little extra money to hire the best, it can save you money and a lot of stress.

Below we have a link to McCreas (formerly AA) piano movers in Oakland, they have worked with us over the years and we have never had a problem with them or heard of any unsatisfied customers.
They are bonded and well insured, they have very good reviews, and have stood the test of time.

AA movers Logo

A A Mccrea's Piano Moving
715 65th St
(510) 633-2828

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We will add more movers, if someone demonstrates the same or higher level of competence that McCrea’s does.

At Gordon’s Piano Shop, we have all of the equipment needed and a team of very good piano movers that help us with our moving needs, it is however our policy to recommend the best first.